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Thank you Two Bears and a Fork for this Review

This is a really great space, perfect atmosphere to take a date.” And I must admit, I agreed. Dining room is an ideal way to forget about anything other than the food and company in front of you​

For you lucky lot who live in the Elwood, St. Kilda, Windsor areas….three words: Go, dine in.

Flavour: ★★★★★
​​Service: ★★★★★
​Value: ★★★★☆


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Fabulous curry
Anna -March 2nd, 2015

Good North Indian food
anonymous -March 2nd, 2015

Scott Wilson -March 2nd, 2015

Excellent authentic Indian from nice staff
Peter snow -March 2nd, 2015

Beautiful flavours - curry leaf lamb is a winner!
Nicole -March 2nd, 2015

Super food and service.
anonymous -February 26th, 2015

Great food! Great portion size. Best Indian food in the area.
anonymous -February 26th, 2015

Food was fantastic and the staff were excellent. Will be back again!
Ray & Alex -February 26th, 2015

Great service and food will definitely come back
Armon -February 22nd, 2015

Curry Leaf is an Elwood gem. 10 years strong!
StephenJ -February 22nd, 2015

Delicious! Now in our family's top 5 restaurants. Happy to travel from frankston to come again. Lovely decor and smiles to match.
Shez -February 22nd, 2015

Bernadette and Darren rick
Roar rentals -February 22nd, 2015

Ruba -February 20th, 2015

Very fendly service. The food was fresh, not greasy, lovely flavours. We enjoyed the ambience. Would definitely come back and recommend!
anonymous -February 20th, 2015

Great standard of food consistently good
Peter frankel -February 19th, 2015

Very tasty and lovely staff
Brooke -February 19th, 2015

The food was great. We will definitely be back.
Brian carter -February 19th, 2015

Lovely food . Great vegetable korma and lamb madras.
Maureen grants -February 19th, 2015

Verdict weinstei -February 17th, 2015

Just. Excellent
Had radian -February 17th, 2015

Great authentic tasting Indian. Served hot & great sized portions
Stephen Sutton -February 17th, 2015

Food always excellent
Dee -February 17th, 2015

Great authentic tasting Indian. Served hot & great sized portions
Stephen Sutton -February 17th, 2015

John Reynolds -February 17th, 2015

Just. Excellent
Had radian -February 17th, 2015

Amazing as always. T
Tarynn -February 17th, 2015

Beautiful fresh food.
Lisa -February 17th, 2015

Love the meals as always
Caroline fotheringham -February 16th, 2015

Great food, great prices & atmosphere
Vaneise Macleod -February 16th, 2015

We loved all meals. Very tasty & fresh. Service attentive , but not in your face.
Laa -February 16th, 2015

Always great to eat here!!!
Jacinta -February 16th, 2015

Service was wonderful,my dietary requirements were catered for and I was presented a delicious meal - thank you!
anonymous -February 16th, 2015

Great dining experience. Thankyou.
Andrew -February 16th, 2015

Very tasty and spicy. Great service.
Mona -February 16th, 2015

Very nice
Mark -February 14th, 2015

Will definitely.return
Brad bowker -February 14th, 2015

Darren -February 14th, 2015

The food was lovely, and the service was great! Highly recommend the chicken korma.
anonymous -February 14th, 2015

We love coming here, we will be back
Dianne Cameron -February 13th, 2015

Nicole -February 13th, 2015

Excellent service!
Roger Hogg -February 13th, 2015

Excellent flavours throughout.
Sue -February 13th, 2015

Yummy authentic food Will return for carrot halva and kulfi
Alex Czapnik -February 13th, 2015

Delicious, fresh produce that melted in your mouth along with fantastic flavours
anonymous -February 12th, 2015

The food was divine and the service was great. I really enjoyed it and can't wait to come again.
Nuala -February 12th, 2015

My group of 10 enjoyed the diverse flavours and quality of service in the function room.
Morris -January 19th, 2015

Brilliant food !!! Excellent service !!!
anonymous -January 17th, 2015

Good service and food
Kirsty -January 16th, 2015

Friendly staff, relaxed atmosphere and quality food.
Ash -January 16th, 2015

Very friendly and lovely food. Yum.
Nuala -January 16th, 2015

Very tasty and beautiful service
Jon Beale -January 16th, 2015

Very good.
Chris Beale -January 16th, 2015

Love the leaf!!!
anonymous -January 16th, 2015

Loved the garlic naan
Self -January 12th, 2015

Crispy chilli and garlic prawns are amazing. Lamb shanks are great. Malai prawns are the best
Self -January 12th, 2015

The clay pot of chicken was amazing!! Loved it. Will come back for more!!
Carol -January 12th, 2015

Excellent food. Must try out the tandoori chicken.Simply delicious.
Terry Saldanha -January 12th, 2015

Tasty and interesting meal Very enjoyable
Maureen mendoza -January 12th, 2015

Great service! Delicious food and beautiful staff. I would recommend this place -) I love Indian cuisine, Curry Leaf does not disappoint.
Michon -January 12th, 2015

Very cosy and polite staff, food was mostly tasty and full of flavour. Will visit again.
Dee jasmine -January 10th, 2015

Really lovely evening with excellent food. The service was very friendly and relaxed and we were happy that our baby daughter could join us - thank you for being so welcome of both her and us! We will be back.
Fiona -January 10th, 2015

Love the naan!
Vanessa -January 10th, 2015

Always delicious and super friendly service!
Julie Struthers -January 9th, 2015

Great service and excellent food
anonymous -January 9th, 2015

Very friendly staff and delicious curries.
Helena -January 9th, 2015

All extraordinarily yummy!!
Sylvia -January 9th, 2015

The claypot chicken was really nice
anonymous -January 9th, 2015

The food and the service was excellent,it was a very pleasurable evening
Stephen Byrne -January 9th, 2015

Tastiest Indian food in our area by far.
Simon jenvey -January 8th, 2015

Stylish sensible and delicious Indian food.
Chris -January 8th, 2015

Thank you
Narelle Hall
Small tits -January 6th, 2015

Absolutely amazing food. Great service, will be back soon!
Toon -January 5th, 2015

Great food, excellent service!
Judy Fairhurst -January 5th, 2015

The food was delicious and the service was excellent will define fly be back again and again.
Belinda -January 5th, 2015

Fantastic food
Kylie Matusewicz -January 3rd, 2015

Butter chicken is so good!!
anonymousJanuary 3rd, 2015

Always good food & good service & new 'Happy Hour' is great. We will be back as always.
Kaz -January 2nd, 2015

Prawn & fish curry was excellent..
Parag -January 2nd, 2015

Great food. Try the tikka masala!
Courtney -December 30th, 2014

Dannielle -December 30th, 2014

Everything was delicious
Anita muller -December 30th, 2014

Had an absolute lovely meal with all the services staff being really helpful and attentive. Will defiantly come back and recommend.
Andrew -December 28th, 2014

First timers. Very nice staff and food was great. Would come back again and recommend.
Con -December 28th, 2014

WE have been coming to the curry leaf since it opened. The food and service are always excellent.
Shron Mills -December 28th, 2014

Waiter was very friendly
Karen -December 28th, 2014

Had an absolute lovely meal with all the services staff being really helpful and attentive. Will defiantly come back and recommend.
Andrew -December 28th, 2014

Delicious food and very friendly and attentive service.
Danny -December 21st, 2014

Thank you wonderful like always!
anonymous -December 21st, 2014

Delicious.... We'll be back, ALL THE TIME!!!
Michael Wilson -December 21st, 2014

Fantastic food and service!!
Gill -December 19th, 2014

Excellent food and service. Thank you
Paul glezer -December 15th, 2014

Lovely food. And excellent service. Thank you.
anonymous -December 14th, 2014

Very friendly staff and excellent food
Julian -December 14th, 2014

Absolutely incredible food and service and always consistent!
Alex Reade -December 14th, 2014

Thanks for a great meal. We will be coming again.
anonymous -December 11th, 2014

Beautiful food and friendly service
Rachel -December 11th, 2014

Best meal ever! Service wonderful. No hesitation in referring or coming back. Thank you
Emma Kate -December 11th, 2014

My two daughters and I really enjoyed our meals. The service and price were excellent
Julie -December 8th, 2014

Love it...every time we come )
anonymous -December 7th, 2014

Yum, yum, yum!!
Rosy Waldron -December 7th, 2014

Delicious tandoori prawns, cauliflower with garlic & chilli. Thanks
anonymous -December 6th, 2014

Loved this place will definitely be coming back
Andrew jones -December 4th, 2014

Very nice
Louis -December 1st, 2014

Fantastic food and amazing service. We will be back
Wayne Myers -November 27th, 2014

Great service both the person who took our orders and lady who served the food . Thank you )
anonymous -November 27th, 2014

Excellent food and service
Erica -November 27th, 2014

Excellent food and service
Erica -November 27th, 2014

Very good service. Excellent food.
Prue Lamont -November 27th, 2014

Nice service and food. 100 happy!
Adam -November 27th, 2014

All the food was great
Sanne -November 27th, 2014

Excellent fresh cooked food ill definitely return
anonymous -November 27th, 2014

It was excellent that there were many vegan options and very friendly staff
Elio -November 27th, 2014

Lovely ambience, friendly, accommodating, food fresh and delicious. we have had a wonderful dining experience. Thankyou. Jen and dave.
Jenny young -November 27th, 2014

The food and service. Is consistently excellent
Deborah Dobbie -November 14th, 2014

The food was very tasty and we will definitely come back again.
anonymous -November 14th, 2014

Very nice food
Mick -November 14th, 2014

We stumbled across your restaurant, and we were delighted. Very nice interior!
anonymous -November 14th, 2014

Such a lovely evening. Thank you.
Sue hyslop -November 14th, 2014

Lovely food as per usual
Kpmg -November 14th, 2014

Quick service. , tasty food, overall a pleasant experience
Lisa -November 14th, 2014

Wonderful menu and great food
Gordon durnan -November 14th, 2014

Overall very happy with service and food
Helen -November 14th, 2014

Always excellent service and incredible food! Come here weekly, never disappointed. )
Suze -November 14th, 2014

Everything was great!
anonymous -November 14th, 2014

Our favourite Indian restaurant - always delicious.
Deirdre Wilson -November 14th, 2014

Love it here. I like the details.
Lucia Rossi -November 14th, 2014

Delicious food, homely atmosphere and very friendly service. Will definitely return.
Carli and Paul -November 14th, 2014

Lovely neighbourhood restaurant. Charm of how things used to be. Good food too.
Claypots -November 14th, 2014

Exceptional food and service.
TJ JOSHI PR CONSULTING -November 14th, 2014

Great food. Enjoyed ourselves.
Joseph -November 14th, 2014

Delightful decor, very friendly staff, delicious cuisine. Would highly recommend and look forward to returning. Thank you
Linda Jay -November 14th, 2014

Good food
Tim -November 14th, 2014

Rachelle -November 14th, 2014

Great food, fantastic service.
Morgan Plumley -November 14th, 2014

One of the best groupon experiences. Well done Curry Leaf!
anonymous -November 14th, 2014

Our favourite Indian. Lovely setting and great service
Nick -November 14th, 2014

It's our first time using a GroupOn voucher and we certainly love the food. We can't wait to try the rest of the menu next time.D
anonymous -November 14th, 2014

Extremely good food beautiful sauce and tender lamb
Paul maven -November 14th, 2014

The tandoori veg entree is delicious !
anonymous - November 14th, 2014

Amazing food and service! Plus loved the no wastage policy - very inspiring) would definitely return. Thanks!
Illaina Van Veen
Darvan Tours -November 14th, 2014

Food was incredible. Delicious & beautifully presented. Staff were extremely welcoming and friendly. My new favourite Indian restaurant!!!
Jess -November 14th, 2014

Amber -November 14th, 2014

Great food & service
Kevin -November 14th, 2014

Food is excellent
Gabriel -November 14th, 2014

Very good all round. Thankyou
Wright -November 14th, 2014

Very nice lovely staff..
Daniel -November 14th, 2014

Delicious food. Chilli chicken is a must if u enjoy hot food. Would highly recommend for a good curry night. Service is very good. Will be back.
anonymous -November 14th, 2014

The service was pleasant, the food was delicious. Overall it was a good experience.
Eve -November 14th, 2014

Excellent food
Erica -November 14th, 2014

Great food and helpful staff. Many dairy free options which is usually hard to find at other places.
Emilia Sellitti -November 14th, 2014

Very tasty full flavour dishes
Laura dclase -November 14th, 2014

First visit and we will definitely be back. Love the gluten free and hea.thy option ratings.
Haites -November 14th, 2014

Beautiful food and excellent service, best curry in the South!
Tammany Pyle -November 14th, 2014

Great food and very friendly service.
Rosie gaunt -November 14th, 2014

Good job!
anonymous -November 14th, 2014

We come from Sydney and this trips it by 1000 per cent
anonymous -November 14th, 2014

Tasty meal and good value
Rikki -November 14th, 2014

Superb atmosphere, super friendly staff, tastiest Indian I've had in a long time. ) If you eat here and you're disappointed I'll cover the bill, I'm that confident.!
Tarynn -November 1st, 2014

Great meal, very friendly service. Will be back!
anonymous -September 16th, 2014

Delicious food and very friendly service
anonymous -September 16th, 2014

Third time here, always great, amazing tasty scrumptious sweetness of Indian goodness and packaged morsels of curry flavour packaged in such a way that I want to eat at the curry leaf 24hours a day yum yum in my tum
Doctor deano -September 16th, 2014

We came as a group of 10 and loved it.. We will come back...
Yas co -September 8th, 2014

The Briyani is to die for as well as the other dishes such as the honey chicken.
Rodney Cocker -September 8th, 2014

Good value, good taste and good service
Ferns -September 8th, 2014

Keep coming back )
Lucie -September 8th, 2014

All food was very prompt, and excellent! They catered for all tastes and recommended wonderful dishes, would highly recommend and defiantly will be back!
anonymous -September 8th, 2014

Had about 7 dishes and every one of them was fantastic. They are very nice people too.
Ben Hughes -September 8th, 2014

We enjoyed our dinner very much! We' ll be back.
Daniela & Tony -September 8th, 2014

Very informative very warm patient with ignorant diners like us excellent
anonymous -September 8th, 2014

We loved our royal banquet!
Amber Scott -September 8th, 2014

Everything was wonderful
Brooke -September 8th, 2014

Very happy with your understanding of gluten-free meals! great service and even better food!
Gerry mussett
Sprocket -September 8th, 2014

It was a very nice dinner and my family will come again the food was excellent and service was very good
anonymous -September 8th, 2014

Had a very nice meal prompt, friendly service
Susan -September 8th, 2014

Thanks for a lovely evening
Brendan -September 8th, 2014

Great food, good flavours.
anonymous -September 8th, 2014

The food was a taste sensation filled with ambiance! We were able to also eat with our eyes and it was an amazing journey of flavours.
Phoebe -September 8th, 2014

Good service and nice environment.
Sarah Meyers Thani Fee -August 14th, 2014

Wonderful flavours
anonymous -August 14th, 2014

Butter chicken was awesome. Korma was good
Ferguson Cameron -August 14th, 2014

Very delicious and perfect amount if spice
Kristen -August 14th, 2014

Lovely to ask about spice levels. And tried different spice levels. Great customer service.
Robyn Rothwell -August 14th, 2014

Just seen '100 foot journey' had to come here, very satisfied
David Calvert
West at consulting servic es -August 14th, 2014

Fantastic service and beautiful flavours
Natasha Prendergast -August 14th, 2014

Everything was great!thank you so much and we hope to be lucky enough to be back here soon) thank you
Liz sir -August 14th, 2014

Amazing food and service will definitely be back
Casie -August 14th, 2014

Great service yummy food friendly staff
Reetoo -August 14th, 2014

I loved the food and the fact that they made garlic free was amazing. The rest of the table loved their meals. Fantastic night
Odessa -August 14th, 2014

Used to come here a lot, but moved a way. Still love it!!!
Anna -August 14th, 2014

Incredible food great service
Cheryl Doyle
Curry Leaf -August 14th, 2014

Very friendly staff and food is always tasty and fast!
Denise Lam -August 14th, 2014

Very good advice. Delicious rice! And lamb
Shirley campbell -August 14th, 2014

Pleasant experience. Food was exceptional as well as service. Would defiantly return.
Carole and Mike -August 14th, 2014

Were local and highly recommend the food.
Arlo druzba -August 14th, 2014

Very attentive great suggestions,delicious food
anonymous -August 14th, 2014

Love curry leaf! Delicious food, lovely people, great service. Coming back for more tandoori prawns!
Rumble -August 14th, 2014

They accommodated my dietary requirements very well. Great service.
Oliver -August 14th, 2014

Really enjoyed the flavours, the service was great and the perfect amount of spice!
Mark -August 14th, 2014

Delicious food, great service, will become regulars
Colman Butler -August 14th, 2014

We've been here with various friends, we've had many dishes, and we've always been pleased. Thank you!
Aydan Tamay -August 14th, 2014

Thank you, the food and service was great, will see you again soon.
anonymous -August 14th, 2014

Delicious and great value! We will definitely come back.
Amber -August 14th, 2014

Served tastefully very attentive staff lovely atmosphere delicious food reasonably priced
Benjamin Wilson -August 14th, 2014

Thank you for a lovely night. Food was perfect and everyone was so lovely. The special touch of ice cream and vegan rice pudding at the end of the night was very generous. Great way, place, vibe to enjoy a birthday evening.
Bert -August 14th, 2014

Fast service, fantastic waiter, good wine. Food was amazing
Allan -August 14th, 2014

Great meal, great service, very relaxed
Rodney Cocker -August 14th, 2014

Very friendly , quick and extremely accommodating !!
Hannah chambers -August 14th, 2014

Very enjoyable and well priced food. Service was very good
Chris Connell August 14th, 2014

Lovely meal and great service.
Annabel August 14th, 2014

Great ambience,yummy food .Will be back.
Rabia August 14th, 2014

Excellent have been coming here for years!
Diane August 14th, 2014

Beautiful food. Good service and nice place.
Alex Kouznetsov August 14th, 2014

Enjoyed the meal, nice ambiance and service.
Geoff August 14th, 2014

This is our favourite Indian restaurant. the staff are always so friendly and the service is alway fabulous.
anonymous August 14th, 2014

A great night with wonderful food. My birthday dinner was wonderful. My family will be coming back.
Anthony Frencken August 14th, 2014

A lovely place with a great atmosphere
Natasha August 14th, 2014

Beautiful food and good service with the owner checking on our satisfaction more than once
Cheryl Bowe August 14th, 2014

Loved the Curry leaf tonight. As always there was plenty of food to satisfy the most ravenous appetites. The tastiness was excellent. Try the Curry Leaf Beef. The people at the Curry Leaf are fun and entertaining too!
Gerry Grabau August 14th, 2014

Excellent vegetarian range
Russell August 14th, 2014

We fell in love with the food here many years ago. Although we now live far from here we love to return as we have never found anywhere that is nearly as great. The taste, quality and service as sublime.
Kate Barker June 27th, 2014

Beautiful food and service - thank you for having us x
anonymous June 27th, 2014

Great food & service. Highly recommended
Jay SpireBridge June 4th, 2014

Absolutely gorgeous food!
Melody Damiano June 4th, 2014

Been coming together for many years andcorder takeaways regularly.
Gabby Skelsey June 4th, 2014

Best Indian food in the Inner South east. Get on board.
ImogenJune 4th, 2014

We have had take away a number of times and it is always excellent. Love it. Very friendly staff too! )
Callum WilsonJune 4th, 2014

We appreciate that there is a kids menu and like that there are plenty of vegetarian options. The service was friendly and efficient.
anonymousJune 4th, 2014

Lovely meal and attentive,genuinely friendly service )
BethJune 4th, 2014

Very decadent which is not often seen in Indian cuisine restaurants
anonymousJune 4th, 2014

This is my favourite restaurant in Melbourne. I came many times with visits. Thanks for the lovely food
MariaJune 4th, 2014

Very nice experience, would definitely recommend. Will be returning for chicken shashlick. Great service!!
Alan and maeveJune 4th, 2014

Brilliant gluten free selection. Vast selection of gorgeous dishes we loved it.
Michelle HarrisJune 4th, 2014

Tasty delicious food. The waiter understood what we were asking for.
Karon NothingJune 4th, 2014

All the food was excellent thanks - a great night
ChristineJune 4th, 2014

Weill definitely be back the cauliflower was particularly spectacular & the staff were just delightful !
JulietGavens Precedence Healthcare.June 4th, 2014

Delicious food! Fantastic, personable service. We will most definitely be back!
anonymousJune 4th, 2014

Great food very delicious butter chicken. Very friendly too....
anonymousJune 4th, 2014

Great food very delicious butter chicken. Very friendly too.... Very happy! It was awesome
Chloe LyonJune 4th, 2014

Great food, great service. We'll be back.
MichaelJune 4th, 2014

Great tasty food and excellent service.
S BrottMay 6th, 2014

Love the food and service, will come back again.
anonymousMay 6th, 2014

We come here every week and the food is always wonderful, as is the service.
Petra WhiteMay 6th, 2014

We had a beautiful time great food and fantastic service in a gorgeous space. So glad to call it our local and look forward to bringing our friends and family next time.
Debra McGrath Vanderlay enterprisesMay 6th, 2014

Fantastic dinner once again, thanks very much!
anonymousMay 6th, 2014

Very tasty food with very quick and pleasant service.
ColinMay 6th, 2014

Great food as always. Excellent service!
KimberlyMay 6th, 2014

Great service, as always, tasty morsels and authentic ambience. I started coming here 15 years ago when it was a lowkey takeaway joint with delicious food but no inhouse dining. I love how the Curry Leaf has since transformed into an intimate and inclusive dining experience topped off with those lucky peacock feathers. We'll be back!
AlastairMay 6th, 2014

Mobile review 042614 LIKES IT DINER FROM MELBOURNE Nat 28 reviews Having received a Good Food Gift Card we decided to visit the Curry Leaf. The service was wonderful, staff were friendly and attentive. We had the banquet, our choices for the mains were flexible and there were no issues. The food was amazing, flavoursome and good serving sizes. Thank you for a lovely night and we will be back. PS Naan is absolutely perfect!!
Source UrbanspoonApril 29th, 2014

Loved it all, especially the chilli chicken, we!ll be back.
Mark WyndApril 29th, 2014

Everything was delicious from beginning to end. Very good balance of flavours. Beautifully decorated. Def do take away or eat in, You Will Love it!!!
Jennifer & MichaellApril 29th, 2014

A wonderful place to eat. Always perfect.
Luke ThorpApril 29th, 2014

We really enjoyed that Thanks so much
Wukyoung huhApril 29th, 2014

The waiters were lovely and helpful. We left very satisfied. Thank you
JacApril 29th, 2014

Delicious, as always! Thank you -)
anonymousApril 29th, 2014

Curries fantastic and restaurant not too noisy very nice
Sally and jamesApril 29th, 2014

Always delicious food!
anonymousApril 29th, 2014

Thank you, we had the banquet and it was fantastic... service was professional and friendly, we will be back
BertApril 29th, 2014

Thank you, we had the banquet and it was fantastic... service was professional and friendly, we will be back
BertApril 29th, 2014

Love Curry Leaf, the food, the service and friendliness are second to none! Thanks again Milly )
Jennifer Stevens Stevens ConsultingApril 29th, 2014

Vindaloo was beautiful and samosas were yummy!! Lovely quick service )
DamoApril 17th, 2014

Very nice food and service thank you
JenniferApril 17th, 2014

Lovely service, very friendly. Great food, Thank you )
anonymous17th, 2014

Love the curry leaf!!!
StuApril 17th, 2014

Everything is wonderful fantastic service.
anonymousApril 17th, 2014

Mobile review DINER FROM MELBOURNE David Phuah 7 reviews 040914 FAVOURITE Great curries with a super friendly service. A nice local Indian curry place. Being literally around the corner from our place we trend to opt for take away rather than dining in. However we have always found the service friendly especially the owners - who actually engage us with genuine conversation. To the food... Simply put - great. We have found that the food is always fresh, especially the curries. Much better than some of the other cheap curry houses out there - which generally have dubiously thickened curriessauces. In fact living around the corner for Curry Leaf I can always smell then prepping up!
Source UrbanspoonApril 17th, 2014

Get down here DINER FROM MELBOURNE Andy Craig 1 review 040214 LIKES IT Lamb rogan was lovely and full of flavour. And tender pieces of lamb. And the Alu gobhi mutter was exceptional. Could not fault it. Keep up the good work guys.
Source UrbanspoonApril 17th, 2014

Excellent food, great food and a peaceful authentic ambiance. This is a place where will return again non and again !
BryanApril 11th, 2014

We had a marvellous experience. The lassi sounds particularly nice.
Chris Gippsland AngusApril 11th, 2014

We had a marvellous experience. The lassi sounds particularly nice.
Chris Gippsland AngusApril 11th, 2014

First dine in after using delivery was very happy with our dinner and will be coming back
ChristineApril 11th, 2014

Get down here DINER REVIEW APR 02, 2014 LIKES IT Lamb rogan was lovely and full of flavour. And tender pieces of lamb. And the Alu gobhi mutter was exceptional. Could not fault it. Keep up the good work guys.
Source UrbanspoonApril 3rd, 2014

Loved the whole experience
Jennifer ManuelApril 3rd, 2014

The food was very tasty & good quality ,well done
Adell ElrickApril 3rd, 2014

Friendly service , very accommodating to food allergies, great food
James LartonApril 3rd, 2014

Beautiful food , good service , would come back and recommend
Carmel DundasApril 3rd, 2014

Service brilliant - chicken hot ,fabulous. Intelligent waiter ! Super quality
Lisa AvisApril 3rd, 2014

Good service ,food very tasty(we will be back)
Glenys GibsonApril 3rd, 2014

Sensational service & Awesome food
Michelle LeslieApril 3rd, 2014

Great service quality food DINER REVIEW MAR 17, 2014 Dined for dinner in the week. The service was great by all the staff and the curries were lovely! Chicken vindaloo and butter chicken quality with no fat. Will go back )
Source UrbanspoonMarch 20th, 2014

DINER REVIEW MAR 16, 2014 The food here is just so lipsmackingly delicious if you ever wish to order Indian food this the best in melbourne try the lamb shanks ,goat curry ,mixed grill ,garlic chilli prawns & the clay pot chicken - so many yummy choices They even customise the hotness on each curry to mild medium or spicy ) So my children could eat mild curries and I could have the hotter ones The service is awesome ,quick and always polite They also do quick takeaways and deliveries This is the only Indian restaurant we eat at since we have tried it 8 years ago when it was a small takeaway shop and has now expanded into a large restaurant - best Indian food in melbourne - worth a try )
Source UrbanspoonMarch 20th, 2014

Food & service excellent as usual
Peter KrechmanMarch 18th, 2014

Really enjoyed the Vindaloo &ice cream surprise !
Jacqui SutherlandMarch 18th, 2014

Delicious as always
Emily DohertyMarch 18th, 2014

Beautiful food Thankyou
Alexa. NaprasnikMarch 18th, 2014

All v good - hotness level well managed for kids
Janet HutchinsonMarch 18th, 2014

Very good food & awesome service
NeelMarch 18th, 2014

Lovely Siobhan OconnorMarch 12th, 2014

Great food !
TonyMarch 12th, 2014

Great food !
TonyMarch 12th, 2014

Great curries !
Michael QuinMarch 12th, 2014

Very good
Patrick MeenaghMarch 12th, 2014

Delicious ,will come
Mark ChapmanMarch 12th, 2014

Enjoyed the meal & your hospitality
John CocksMarch 12th, 2014

Very nice authentic food
Wallace AndersonMarch 12th, 2014

Great food
Anita PanchalMarch 12th, 2014

Yummy food ,excellent service ,very satisfied )
Ashish GuptaMarch 12th, 2014

Wonderful food ,staff ,would come again
Rhonda MonaghanMarch 12th, 2014

Leelou LeniartMarch 12th, 2014

We had another lovely nite as usual .food & service wonderful .thkxxx
Leelou LeniartMarch 12th, 2014

Beautiful food ,great service
Ben ThomasMarch 12th, 2014

Lovely meal,good service
Sam DimmsMarch 12th, 2014

Great food .thanks !)
Andrew JuppMarch 12th, 2014

Sensationally hankyou
Robbie WhitworthMarch 12th, 2014

Very good
Kamna SinghMarch 12th, 2014

Love it here
Roberta CallaghanMarch 12th, 2014

Delicious food & attentive service
Madeleine GreyMarch 12th, 2014

Great service & wonderful food .keep up the good work !)
Innessa TrakhtmanMarch 12th, 2014

Delicious ,thank you
Liberty BreretonMarch 12th, 2014

The food & the service were ,as usual,exceptional
Deborah DebbieMarch 12th, 2014

Great service !great food !
Natalie LesterMarch 12th, 2014

Great time,good food ,great service
Paul KariukiMarch 12th, 2014

Love the food & service
David JohnstonMarch 12th, 2014

Great service !)
Ian DaviesMarch 12th, 2014

Excellent food !charming service
Lex & Tino ManvelMarch 12th, 2014

Very good ,excellent customer service
Richard MuntMarch 12th, 2014

Very nice food and great service ,very friendl
Andrew LoosMarch 12th, 2014

Chicken was excellent ,goat 1010',service was great
Catherine SharkyMarch 12th, 2014

Love this place )
Kate NewtonFebruary 27th, 2014

It was a great experience .Thank you
Moisei FurmanFebruary 27th, 2014

Shanon MurrayFebruary 27th, 2014

Lovely Food
David McallisterFebruary 27th, 2014

Stuart WarmanFebruary 27th, 2014

Thanks .... It was great
Scott MitchellFebruary 27th, 2014

Nadine CassidyFebruary 27th, 2014

Very nice mains,nice to offer spice scale(0-10) )
Kris RonsmansFebruary 27th, 2014

Excellent meal
Tracey RyanFebruary 27th, 2014

Very good food and service
Donna SheimanFebruary 27th, 2014

Siobhan OconnorFebruary 27th, 2014

Great Thanks
Steve SimonsFebruary 27th, 2014

Super duper delicious
Laura HarrisFebruary 27th, 2014

Great food thanks
Rhonda LouisFebruary 27th, 2014

Great restaurant
Allan AldersonFebruary 27th, 2014

Toni MarshallFebruary 27th, 2014

Love ! Love ! Love ! The food )
Lauren oBrienFebruary 27th, 2014

Yum !
Kevyn BoemiaFebruary 27th, 2014

Very tasty !
Deborah HebFebruary 27th, 2014

Very nice thanks !
Des LeechFebruary 27th, 2014

Nice food
Raju RamFebruary 27th, 2014

Excellent food ! Thank you !
Jill GleesonFebruary 27th, 2014

Food was amazing .was really well timed as well food was really authentic Best indian I've had - 5 stars
Jayden ArrletonFebruary 27th, 2014

The food was absolutely fantastic & the service was pleasant ,friendly & professional ,will definitely be coming back
Nirvana UmrigarFebruary 27th, 2014

Delish !
Brendan PotterFebruary 27th, 2014

Great meal ,good service
David DunneFebruary 27th, 2014

Very homely feel ,friendly service and superb food - thoroughly enjoyed it & highly recommended
Richard BarkerFebruary 27th, 2014

Absolutely delicious ,fantastic service ,will come back !!!
Fiona TunleyFebruary 27th, 2014

Very very good
Sandeep RanaFebruary 27th, 2014

Fantastic food & service
Bedou Dean-FurlongFebruary 27th, 2014

DINER REVIEW FEB 20, 2014 LIKES IT Great food and lovely service
Source Urban SpoonFebruary 27th, 2014

DINER REVIEW FEB 20, 2014 LIKES IT Just have what Nik recommends. All fantastic, the rose petal dessert even better!
Source Urban SpoonFebruary 27th, 2014

DINER REVIEW FEB 22, 2014 LIKES IT Delicious food, great service, catered to our funky allergies. Will be back.
Source Urban SpoonFebruary 27th, 2014

Had takeaway from here a few times and last night was amazing. Lamb cutlet were fantasic - which I had ordered more. Chicken was succulent, rice is fluffy and the bread is lovely. Wec also ordered some Tandori sharing platter which all was yummy. Delivery staff really friendly. Whole exeprience was great. Great job guys.
Source Trip AdvisorFebruary 7th, 2014

Great value with friendly service. DINER REVIEW NOV 15, 2013 A short pleasant walk from St Kilda across the botanical garden to the restaurant. Our very friendly waiter greeted us and we enjoyed some very good food. Quite a few Indian customers which we took as a good indicator for the authenticity of the food. We recommend very highly.
Source UrbanspoonNovember 20th, 2013

Mobile review DINER REVIEW OCT 18, 2012 LIKES IT Best Butter chicken ever! I go there at least once a month.
Source UrbanspoonNovember 20th, 2013

Mobile review DINER REVIEW OCT 29, 2013 FAVOURITE The food was really good .i never had before like that. Source Urbansoon
anonymousOctober 29th, 2013

Mobile review DINER REVIEW OCT 27, 2013 LIKES IT Unlike the indian resturants ive been to this was the best at the right masalas! If you love food thats spicy this is at its best. Setting is calm service is great plus menu looks good especially breakfast menu! You have to try it! Source Urbansoon
anonymousOctober 29th, 2013

Mobile review DINER REVIEW OCT 26, 2013 LIKES IT I had good experience having our Dinner their Last week Services was really good and Food was so Delicious as well as nicely garnish never Tasted Tasty Indian Food then Curry leaf in Melbourne. I was amaze by prompt service and variety of option to choose from to eat what we wanted Source Urbansoon
anonymousOctober 29th, 2013

Mobile review DINER REVIEW OCT 13, 2013 LIKES IT We have been customers for 4 years now, fan of their food, exceptional customer service and great owners. Always get looked after. Will keep coming always ) Source Urbansoon
anonymousOctober 29th, 2013

Mobile review DINER REVIEW SEP 22, 2013 lovely food, as well as staff,enjoyed the desserts n will go back very soon no doubt, Nick very pleasant stuff Source Urbansoon
anonymousOctober 29th, 2013

High recommendation for all my friends DINER REVIEW AUG 11, 2013 LIKES IT Great food and professional service! Special Indian decoration style and music that I feel warm and romantic. The owner, Ms Mili's very nice and attentive. I will come back.! High recommendation for all my friends coming here and enjoy! Source Urbansoon
anonymousOctober 29th, 2013