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Parsi Catering


How about authentic Parsi food catering in Melbourne? Curry Leaf makes it possible with its highly trained chefs specialising in Parsi food and Parsi catering services. Parsi cuisine is an amazing blend of sweet and hot flavours. Historically and geographically, Parsis are the descendants of Zoroastrians who left Iran due to Arab invasion in the 17th century. Eventually settling on the west coast of India, the Parsi cuisine was majorly influenced by the Maharashtrian, Iranian, British and Gujarati culinary flavours. Curry Leaf brings alive the unique Parsi taste and blend of distinct Parsi spices in Melbourne.

PARSI CATERING AND CUISINE: Being a mix of vegetarian west Indian cuisine and non-vegetarian Iranian cuisine, Parsi cuisine has simple flavours and delicious extravagance to it. Curry Leaf has the world over with delicacies like,

  • Sali Boti (Parsi Meat Dish)
  • Akuri
  • Sali Marghi (Chicken with potato shreds)
  • Parsi Mutton Cutlets
  • Patrani Ni Machi, Dhansak
  • Sali Par Edu (Eggs with shredded fried potatoes)
  • Kolmi Papeto Tetralo (Prawns and potatoes)
  • Parsi Sali Keema (Minced lamb with potatoes)
  • Lagan Nu Custard

OUR SERVICES: With skillful adoption of local ingredients and making them our own, Curry Leaf is renowned for its authentic Parsi catering in Melbourne. Venturing to increase the reach of this cuisine to a larger population, we cater to the individual and prestigious event needs of :

  • Weddings
  • Receptions
  • Parties
  • Social and private get-togethers
  • Religious celebrations

Be open to new tastes and experiences of Parsi catering with Curry Leaf. For quotes and bookings, call us on (03) 9531 3404.