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Kitty Party Venue


Kitty parties are the most common gatherings for the ladies. Organised routinely every month and mostly at homes, these parties are usually aimed at increasing the interaction, with many fun elements. Now, why not make a difference and host the kitty party at an unconventional venue, much beyond the comfort of your home? Keeping this idea in consideration, Curry Leaf provides a kitty party venue exclusively for ladies.

THEMED KITTY PARTY AUSTRALIA: Ladies like fashion, beauty, lifestyle and movies. Our venue is perfect for all the themes and would surely make all the heads turn towards the host of the kitty party.

CUSTOMISED MENU OPTIONS: We specialise in authentic Indian cuisine and are renowned for offering the best of customised menu options and creativity on culinary delights. Banquet facility is also available with us. Additionally, our elaborated dishes would surely grab a lot of admiration from others.

BEING AN AMAZING KITTY PARTY HOST: There is nothing more engaging than a great venue, ensured entertainment, a good time spent with the guests amidst great food and fun games. Curry Leaf provides,

  • Extravagant ambience and hospitality
  • Friendly attentive service
  • Exclusive kitty party packages
  • Affordable rates
  • Keen inclination on personal preferences of all our clients

For quotes and bookings, call us on (03) 9531 3404. Plan your kitty party with us!