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Gujarati Catering


Several lifetimes are not enough to explore and discover the authentic delicacies of Gujarati cuisine. The delights of gujarati food are many, with a mix of spicy and sweet flavours. In a traditional set up, a gujarati meal is served on a beautiful silver platter, with colours and aromas of lip smacking dishes. Curry Leaf brings the authentic tastes of thepla, dhokla, handvo, khandvi, dal, kadhi, shaak, roti, rotlo, sweets and homemade pickles to ecstasize your taste buds in Melbourne.

GUJARATI CUISINE AND CATERING: All the traditional gujarati dishes are primarily vegetarian and boast of high nutritional value. Curry Leaf and the highly trained chefs in the kitchen prepare the most delicate and exotic flavours. We are ideal for gujarati catering in Melbourne, providing authentic tastes in,

  • Breads: Bajri no rotlo, bhakhri, dhebara, thepala
  • Vegetables and curries: Sweet kadhi, sev tameta nu shak, undhiyun
  • Snacks: Daal dhokli, dhokla, fafda, farsi falafel, ganthia, handvo, kachori, khakhra, khaman, khandvi, khichu, kachori, muthia, sev khamani
  • Sweets: Basundi, ghevar, halvasan, keri no ras, malpua, puran poli. Shrikhand, sutarfeni
  • Drinks: Buttermilk to fill the gaps, if any

OUR SERVICES: Curry Leaf is renowned for its authentic Gujarati cuisine. We cater to the needs of,

  • Weddings
  • Receptions
  • Parties
  • Social and private get-togethers
  • Religious celebrations

We make sure that all the people across Australia come and venture in this heavenly treat of Gujarati catering by Curry Leaf. For quotes and bookings, call us on (03) 9531 3404.