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Gluten Free Restaurant

Are you Looking for the most popular Gluten Free Restaurants in Melbourne?

At Curry Leaf Cafe, we understand the worth of gluten free restaurants and food and the difficulty faced by someone suffering from Coeliac Disease when it comes to searching for a place to eat out.

Among the gluten free restaurants in Melbourne, our chefs know the importance of keeping Gluten Free dishes separate from dishes containing Gluten.

Therefore, thanks to our strong advisory as a gluten free restaurants, you can eat stress free at Curry Leaf Cafe and enjoy the fabulous dishes that we create. Our Menu highlights those dishes that are Gluten Free, but if there is something else on the Menu that you quiet fancy, just ask and if we can make it Gluten Free we will.

Gluten causes health problems in sufferers of coeliac disease (CD) and some cases of wheat allergy. For those diagnosed with coeliac disease, a strict gluten-free diet constitutes the only effective treatment to date.