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Curry Leaf Proudly Sponsors MMG 2015

Curry Leaf is proud to announce that we are sponsoring Melbourne’s premier beauty pageant contest – MMG 2015 (Miss/Mrs/MR Melbourne Glamorous 2015 Beauty Pageant). The MMG 2015 is a renowned beauty pageant that offers a shining platform to the youth and enables them to showcase their talent in modeling and media industry.


Apart from the beauty contestm, MMG 2015 is also about fashion, glamour, confidence, style and much more. The primary goal of this event is to provide opportunities to the local talent of multicultural Australia so that our youth gain the experience and go for further opportunities in future.

So we welcome you to the MMG 2015 to cheerup our youth and while you are doing so, you can also celebrate this fashion fiesta with the best of Melbourne’s Indian food flavours at Curry Leaf.

Date: 4th Oct. 2015, Saturday.
Time: 5:00PM onwards.
Venue: The Heritage Reception,
514-516 High Street, Epping, VIC 3076.

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