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Excited to celebrate your 30th, your toddler’s first birthday or your grandparent’s 60th milestone? Are you struggling to find the perfect venue for your guests? Well, when it comes to birthday party venues, Melbourne has abundance to offer. If you are the one to think out of the box and indulge in booking a whole Indian restaurant exclusively, Curry Leaf is the venue for your birthday party.

Birthdays are the joyous occasions that bring together people close to you for a grand celebration. Curry Leaf is the ideal choice for the birthday party venue in Melbourne. Apart from serving authentic Indian food, our passion is to give you an exclusive package that covers everything you need to celebrate the birthday.

SERVICES SPECIALLY CATERED FOR YOU: With us, every meal is a feast and every feast is a gourmet’s delight. We leave no stone unturned to make your birthday party a hit. Our location, ambience and professional services makes us one of the most cherished birthday venues in Melbourne.

  • Ambience and hospitality reflects the extravagance of great Moghuls
  • Friendly attentive service
  • Exclusive birthday party packages
  • Affordable rates
  • Keen on personal preferences
  • Party Catering Orders
  • Affordable Banquet Menu, also available
  • Can be booked exclusively

Whether you are celebrating with few family members or throwing a big birthday party, Curry Leaf is the place for you. Look no further for a perfect and unique birthday party venue in Melbourne. Call us on (03) 9531 3404.